In-store BRAND CAMPAIGN SERVICES , fixture installation, and maintenance services

Display & fixture installation, maintenance and refresh campaigns

Paris based, retail installer providing installation services, maintenance work, and onsite surveys for agencies and businesses. From small to medium installation projects we are available and mobile in Paris and  in the north part of France, for all sorts of retail displays and unit’s installation with overnight coverage. We are also available for, special pick-up and delivery, emergency repairs and last minute installations.

« Visuel Intérieur your retail installer partner »

Paris   and  Hauts-de-France

All of our retail installation services, merchandising installation, digital signage installation, graphic installation, maintenance work and surveys are provided in Paris and in Hauts-de-France.
* Outside the service area, special cases are accepted upon study

Our Range

Digital Signage

Installation of LCD screens in the store window. In-store touch screens, menu boards and kiosks. Screen display installation, floor, ceiling and wall mounted configuration. Screen signage setup and connectivity. Update and maintenance work. Screen setup, Player installation, electric and ethernet connection.

LED Lightbox

LED lightbox frame assembly, wall mount, ceiling and floating installation of the metal frames with Duratrans and tension fabric graphics.


Shop window vinyl decal graphics and lettering installation. Duratrans  and tension fabric backlight graphics installation. Art work frames installation.

Fixture installation

We provide the reception, transportation and in-store installation of custom fit-outs and different displays ranging from cosmetic, clothing to electronics and home appliance. Coordination with store stakeholders, onsite assembly and job report.


Onsite visit and maintenance of fixtures and displays. Graphics and electronic components maintenance and updates.

Pick-up and Delivery

Transportation from point A to point B, all over the European territoire, for the commodity of your logistiques and team meetings.


Technical store visite before installation. Data collection with location photos report. Survey and quality check.


Thanks to our experience, as a retail installer in Paris, we can offer a quality display and digital signage installation on point of sale, with exceptionnel client service. Our knowledge of the field, and retail installation techniques, enables us, with the correct approach to provide our clients with the process that let’s their project run smoothly on the final steps before product launch.

  • Site visite and évaluation before and after installation. We provide detail information to correctly achieve the project milestones.
  • Project installation and merchandising. Fixture shopfitting, display installation, maintenance and emergency repairs.
  • Live update installation report, giving you, a step by step bird’s-eye view of the installation, until the final validation.
  • Phone and email, client support in French, English, and Portuguese. Call us.

We provide a cost-effective and practical way to outsource your human and technical needs — enabling you to save both time and money while you obtain expert installation help. Get in touch.

Our work

Installation plv visuel Interieur (5)



LED Lightbox

Installation écrans haute luminosité pour agence immobilière et point de vente Paris Picardie Visuel Intérieur

Affichage dynamique





Pickup and Delivery


Déploiement PLV

Nous mettons à votre disposition notre service de transport et livraison, dans différents points de vente en île-de-France et Picardie pour tout type de marchandise, quels que soient son poids et fragilité. Nous tenons à cœur de livrer en parfait état toute marchandise que nous à était confié.

Installation et Pose PLV

Avec plus de 15 ans d’expérience, dans l'agencement d’intérieur, nous réalisons la réception l'installation et pose de la PLV sur toute la région de Paris et Picardie. Assemblage et installation du mobilier, présentoirs, Gondoles, TG, displays et pose des différents graphiques en point de vente. Fixation de supports a charges lourdes, tout en respectant les consignes de sécurité et du DTU.

Maintenance PLV

Installation des kits mise à jour et maintenance du mobilier déjà installe en point de vente. Dépannage, et remise en fonctionnement des Display d'affichage dynamique audio-vidéo. Audit et S.A.V. à la demande du client. Nous réalisons des pré-visites, prise photo, prise de côtes et envoi de compte-rendu.